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This website was created (way back in 2001) to help Nissan 240SX owners extract the most performance from their KA24DE motor. With all the hype over the SR20DET, RB25DET, 1JZ swaps, etc... at the time - I felt it was time to put as much info in one place as I could concerning Nissan DOHC 2.4 liter development and performance. Right now (in 2014), there are a number of new options that were not available when some of the content here was written, and LSx / V8 swaps are probably more common than SR20's - So keep that in mind if it seems dated (specifically, the "hacked MAF" info, and some of the brake upgrade information).

Most of the info on the site applies to all years of the 240SX that came with the dual overhead cam KA24 motor ('91-98), but much of it applies to the SOHC and tuning in general. With regard to the 'Tech' articles, you'll find that it's biased towards the S14 ('95-98) 240SX, but again, the theory applies to the other year models, as well as the Altima and Nissan Trucks that came with the KA24DE under the hood.


So what qualifies me to post this information, and why should you trust that it's correct???

Well...I owned a total of eleven different S13 / S14's, raced (SCCA autocross) and drove open track events in my turbo'd '96 SE for +15 years, originally built a 160rwhp naturally aspirated KA (bolt-ons + tuning), and have since gone on to build a few custom KA-T setups, including my own S14 which was at 12psi / 325rwhp (stock block) before I sold it in 2016.

I was a subscriber to the old 240SX.org "Amarok" e-mail list back in '98-99...I've been reading, posting, and moderating on forums such as Freshalloy.com, Zilvia.net, and NissanRoadRacing.com for years, I've done 2 complete "auto to 5-speed" transmission swaps on S14s, as well as countless clutch jobs, brake upgrades, and maintence/repairs on local 240s, done plenty of bolt-on performance upgrades, helped to design/build 2 custom KA turbo setups, as well as my own custom parts fabrication.

So while I haven't done it all, and I certainly don't know it all (or claim to) - I've been doing this since '98 and have tried lots of different setups - Some that worked, plenty that failed - And have learned a lot along the way. My hope is to help educate you on the potential of the motor/chassis of the Nissan 240SX...

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