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240SX Dyno Charts

This page has stock dyno charts from a couple sources...a few charts from the "Sport Compact Car" 240SX...and my own dyno charts at the bottom.

Stock S14 dyno charts:

- A comparison of DOHC 240SX power to a stock Civic SI...scanned from SCC Magazine.

- Another stock dyno chart from a 1996 model...from the Import Tuner project 240SX.

You can see that the KA24DE is not a "rev-happy" motor - In fact, due to it's long stroke, keeping a KA over 7000rpm for a sustained period is sure to break something eventually. The stock S14 cams breathe well until about 5800, then the HP drops quickly. The S13 cams (from '91-92) have a longer duration and will help improve the top end of your S14...

Way back in 1998...before it was cool to have a "Project Silvia" and "go drifting", Sport Compact Car had a Project 240SX...a 1997 SE model.

They only ever did 4 installments, but each had dyno charts to show the improvements they had made with each upgrade.

Installment #1 - A単EXi N1 Exhaust, A単EXi cone filter, H&R Springs/A単EXi shocks, 17x7.5 SSR Integral Wheels

Installment #2 - Hotshot Headers, Random Tech cat, Q45 Brake Upgrade...

: Before / After = A単EXi N1 Exhaust + cone filter / Added a Hotshot Header

: Before / After = A単EXi Exhaust, filter, Hotshot Header / Added Random Tech cat

Installment #3 - JWT cams and ECU, Injen Intake Pipe

: Before/ After = Exhaust, filter, header, cat / Added JWT cams and ECU

: Before / After = Exhaust, filter, header, cat, cams, ECU / Added Injen Intake Pipe

Installment #4 - XS Engineering Turbo Kit

Sorry - No dyno charts were printed for this...But they did get 41HP and 42FT-LB from only 4 pounds of boost!!!

My S14 dyno charts...

= My best N/A dyno, recorded at the Central Florida Nissan Dyno Day: 157hp and 154tq

After this dyno, I added a custom intake and test pipe, and definitely picked up a few HP up top...sorry, no charts posted for this - I never had a chance to get it on the rollers before the turbo went on.

Turbo dyno: .3bar (4.35psi), 4th gear = 201.8rwhp and 207.5rwtq

Turbo setup at the time: T3/TO4E, RevHard manifold, 370cc injectors, Hacked MAF, 2.5" downpipe and full exhaust, TiAL 35mm (dumped)

Turbo dyno: .4bar (5.8psi), 4th gear = 224.2rwhp and 228.7rwtq

Turbo setup at the time: Same as above, but at 1.5psi higher boost.

For my turbo buildup saga, read my turbo story -

I managed to blow up my KA24DE-T, rebuild it, and then dyno it in less than 48hrs...

Moral of the story: Timing causes detonation and kills motors.

Turbo dyno @ .55bar (~8psi), 4th gear = 248rwhp and 255rwtq from the Hacked MAF setup...

A comparison of JWT's entry level KA tune versus the Hacked MAF setup...the real difference is not the fuel delivery, but the timing curve. Stock is too aggressive for turbocharging, so the base timing needs to be retarded a few degrees...but the JWT timing curve is so conservative that it's more appropriate for 340-350rwhp...yet this tune is only for 370cc injectors and stock it's maxed at ~250...!?!??1!??!!?

JWT made only 8 less peak HP, but lost 20ft/lbs over the range from 3500 to 5000!!!! That's a huge difference in area under the is SIGNIFICANTLY faster with the Hacked setup.

Turbo setup at the time: T3/TO4E, RevHard manifold, 370cc injectors, Hacked MAF, Stock ECU, base timing at ~16 BTDC, 2.5" downpipe and full exhaust, TiAL 35mm (dumped), GReddy VSPL intercooler kit.

12psi dyno from February of 2005 - 3rd gear = 310rwhp and 285rwtq (UNcorrected)...

...and I know the graph says 298rwhp and 274rwtq...but that's SAE corrected at 0.96 - UNcorrected is the way to look at turbo dynos.

Since my last dyno a year-and-a-half ago, I changed from S13 cams (240/248) to JWT cams (256/256), went back to a JWT ECU (this one is tuned for "up to ~350rwhp" - Top feed fuel rail / 50lb MSD injectors / Cobra MAF)...but my base timing has been ADVANCED to 22 BTDC to make up for a little bit of the JWT conservative timing curve...and I increased the boost to 12psi.

Turbo setup at the time: Same T3/TO4E, RevHard cast manifold, dumped TiAL 35mm, and GReddy VSPL intercooler kit...but now with full 3" exhaust...and the other changes listed above.

My most recent dyno (Feb 2007), still at 12psi - 4th gear pull = 338rwhp and 311rwtq...

Since my last dyno 2 years ago, I only changed one thing - the turbo manifold. I finally upgraded to a stainless tubular manifold (Ground Zero) to replace my trusty-old RevHard (cast, log style) manifold. Clearly, it was a restriction with my setup...and this new manifold better matches the power band with my cams.

Current turbo setup: Same 'ole T3/TO4E, Ground Zero tubular manifold, TiAL 38mm (dumped), and GReddy VSPL intercooler kit, etc...

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